A series of interesting articles and blog posts relevant to design research and methods. These are primarily online articles, although from time to time journal or conference proceeding papers will also be posted. Pet peeve: Some of these posts have no date!

A Crash Course in UX Design Research

By Matt Lavoie,

June 22, 2015

Design Research at Dropbox

By Cristen Torrey, Dropbox

Feb 21, 2017

Design Research Kit

By Sasha Lubomirsky, Medium

Feb 29, 2016

Design Research Methods

By Matt Cooper-Wright, collected posts on “Practical steps to do great Design Research”

A Day in the Life of a Design Researcher

By Keren Amit Bigio, IDEO

Feb 22, 2017

A 5-Step Process for Conducting User Research

By David Sherwin

Sept 23, 2013

The Vital Role of User Research in Design

By Arin Bhowmick

July 21, 2017

User Research and User Testing

Collected posts by

User Research and User Testing

Collected posts by UX Planet

User Research is Overrated

By Jonathan Courtney, AJ&Smart

Feb 18, 2017

Why User Research Matters

By Harish Venkatesan, DesignLab